Single & Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing to Fit Your Application

There are a many types of cylinders that can be used for a wide range of motors in agricultural and industrial moving applications. This includes the single & double acting hydraulic cylinder types that are offered by Precision Hydraulic Cylinders. We provide quality hydraulic cylinders to ensure reliable performance to help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Inner Workings and Uses

A single acting hydraulic cylinder is a type of cylinder where the fluid utilizes only one side of the piston. This type of cylinder relies on springs, other cylinders, or some type of outside force to push the piston back to the other side or in the other direction. Single acting cylinders are usually found in lift truck masts.

How Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders Work and Their Uses

With double acting hydraulic cylinders, the fluid acts on both sides of the piston, alternating between each side. They can be attached to external devices by using a gland to prevent fluid escape. Double acting cylinders have two ends that are supplied with hydraulic fluid, which is used to retract and extend the piston.

Benefits of Using a Hydraulic Cylinder

When deciding between a single & double acting hydraulic cylinder, it is important to consider engine type, as well as whether or not you will need to use or attach an external mechanism.

Each type of cylinder has its benefits, as long as you choose the proper cylinder for your application. Single acting cylinders can provide efficient performance for reciprocating engines, whereas a double acting cylinder can provide you with high external force where needed. Our hydraulic cylinders are manufactured with quality in mind and can be made in a variety of dimensions to meet your applications

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