Hydraulic Cylinders to Meet a Range of Material Handling Applications

Hydraulic cylinders, or linear hydraulic motors, are a type of mechanical actuator that are used to give a single direction force through a single direction stroke. This type of cylinder has a wide range of applications for manufacturing machinery, construction equipment and engineering vehicles, as well as in civil engineering. At Precision Hydraulic Cylinders, we use our expertise to provide you with a quality supply of these cylinders to match a range of applications.

How Does a Linear Hydraulic Motor Work?

This type of cylinder gets its power from pressurized fluids, such as oil. The cylinder is made up of many important parts that help to ensure smooth and reliable operation. These parts include the cylinder barrel, where the piston and piston rod are connected and have a back and forth range of motion. The cylinder bottom or cap covers one end and the cylinder head covers the other end. The head is where the piston rod exits the cylinder.

The inside of the cylinder is divided into two chambers by the piston. One chamber is called the piston side and the other chamber is called the annulus side. Hydraulic cylinders are the motor or actuator of a two-part system. The other part of the system includes a hydraulic pump.

This pump provides a regulated flow of fluid, commonly oil, to the cylinder which in turn, moves the piston while pushing the oil in the other chamber into the reservoir. These cylinders are outfitted with seals based on the application they will be used for to ensure proper seals and performance.

Benefits of Using a Hydraulic System

We offer a wide range of hydraulic cylinders to meet your needs. From material handling with forklifts, to moving dirt with an off-highway vehicle or an agricultural vehicle such as a tractor, we have a cylinder that can offer you the best overall performance and power for years to come.

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