Hydraulic Cylinders Suitable For a Wide Range of Highway Applications

PHC manufactured cylinders are commonly seen in some of the most demanding applications, including “on highway”. Mobile equipment which is subject to the dynamics of moving down the road is subject to the elements of that environment. Road salt or other contaminants in the environment can be highly corrosive or the equipment may be subjected to impacts from small debris such as rocks and dirt. PHC will design the cylinders to meet the most demanding specifications.

We Can Supply Customized Parts to Meet Specific Project Requirements

Mobile equipment which is designed to be capable of efficiently traveling down the road and then do hard work at the destination often have unique operating requirements to safely and effectively perform the job. It is typical for equipment in the “on highway” sector to utilize hydraulic sensing technology. PHC offers hydraulic sensing solutions to our OEM customers who manufacture equipment requiring this technology. Whether the hydraulic sensing application is for vehicle leveling, stabilization assurance, lift sensing or something else, PHC has experience in designing sensing capability into the product and manufacturing cylinders with built in sensing.

Global Company That Can Meet Complex Needs

We produce hydraulic cylinders for the European and Asian markets in addition to the U.S. marketplace, giving us a supreme understanding of what's needed for international success. If your company operates in an international arena, we can provide exactly what you need.

High Build Specification, Outstanding Results for Our Highway Components

We know that what we build must be capable of performing flawlessly, even in exceptionally challenging conditions. Our heavy investment in our plants and rigorous in-house testing ensures that every component we produce is of impeccable quality and build accuracy. To find out more call us now at (910) 298-0100.

Highway Vehicles

Highway Vehicles