Experienced Provider of Top Grade Cylinders for Agriculture

Agriculture industries use a wide variety of mobile equipment. The applications range from the very sophisticated and highly technical to the more basic low tech requirements. PHC has the full range of experience in the design and manufacturing of cylinders used in agriculture industries.

We Supply to an International Market

In addition to our design and production experience, PHC also offers a very unique feature of being capable of producing the higher value, less predictable cylinders locally (within North America, Europe or Asia), but also can supply the more basic smaller cylinders from our India manufacturing facility. PHC will hold those smaller, predictable cylinders in our inventory and combine those requirements with shipments of the locally produced cylinder requirements. Our OEM customers benefit from our full service supply chain at a very competitive total cost.

Significant Investment in High Grade Plants

We invest large amounts in our plants, ensuring that our state-of-the-art equipment can produce a large volume of hydraulic cylinders in a relatively short period of time. We recognize that, particularly for agricultural applications, exceptional accuracy and premium build quality are essential. Each component we provide is measured to within a fraction of an inch and is made from high grade materials using a build spec that's designed for durability and high performance.

Leading Provider of Hydraulic Cylinders

Whether your organization specializes in agriculture equipment or some other type of vehicle, if you're looking for top grade hydraulic cylinders from a leading specialist provider, we're here to help. To find out what we can offer, call us now at (910) 298-0100.